When Should You Buy a Baby Crib?

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When Should You Buy A Baby Crib

What is a baby crib?

When should you buy a baby crib? These questions often pop up in our minds.

Baby crib is a small bed designed for infants and very young children. Newborn babies and infants of 1-1/2 years to 3 years of time can be kept in the baby crib as they are very safe and cozy. Placement of the crib has to be done in a proper place so that the infant placed in the crib gets proper attention.

Safety Tips For Placing The Baby Cribs

  • When the crib is brought home for the first time, it has to be assembled properly. The instructions given on the box have to be followed.
  • Properly check and examine the problem areas of the crib.
  • A strong and fitted bottom sheet should be used for the crib.
  • Every time before placing the baby check the crib twice.
  • The bassinet is a much simpler option for a baby crib.
  • First back method is best for placing baby in the cribs.

When should you buy a baby crib

Difference Between Baby Cribs & Cot

  • A baby crib is much cozier than a basic cot.
  • Using baby cribs can avoid SIDS (Sleeping Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Cots are open from all sides, while baby cribs are closed and can be safer.

Designing Of Best Baby Cribs

  • Prevention Of Falls: For prevention of all types of fractures, bone twisting, falls the designing of baby cribs is done in that manner.
  • Strangulation Of Cot: Many time strangulation of the cot can cause a lot of problems in infants if their clothes get stuck to the sides. Baby cribs are designed considering this.

Large In Demand Baby Cribs

  • Offline Stores

There are many offline shops available in the market. Every shop has a wide range and variety of baby cribs and is pretty affordable. To check you need to visit 2-3 shops, check the quality and then decide on which one to buy.

  • Online Options

There is number of online options available in the market. With the number of new sites coming up every day there are many baby related sites where cheap baby cribs are available. Many discounts and offers are given every now and then.

When should you buy a baby crib

Comfortable Mattress For Baby cribs

Using a good quality mattress for the baby crib is very much needed. It can avoid a lot of risks like SIDS, Suffocation, and other diseases. Using old and unclean mattress can cause risk to infants health and hygiene. Always check the mattress before buying. Also, once started using, check whether the kid is comfortable with the same. The kid has to be at ease.

Usage Of Toys

Some toys are safe and specially made for newborn and based on baby cribs. Prefer those toys only for the kids

So, waiting for a newborn this year? Check all the available options for all friends and family and decide on which baby crib to buy. Now you have idea about When should you buy a baby crib? Once you make up your mind, choose the one that best suits your pocket and also keep the child’s safety into consideration.

Hope we have answered your question ‘When Should You Buy A Baby Crib?’

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