What Is a Platform Bed?

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what is a platform bed

Sleep is one of the most important components for survival. One cannot survive without getting a good amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead one to develop serious health issues which can hamper your quality of life. Hence, you should know what is a platform bed? to determine if it is the right bed for you. You can check out some of the best advantages of platform bed.

The first factor that determines if you can get proper sleep is your bed. If you are not sleeping in a good bed, you may not be able to get a good quality sleep. Rest assured, you have to invest in a good bed, a good mattress, and a good pillow to get good sleep.

Platform beds are one of the most comfortable beds designed to help you get quality sleep. They have a very low height due to which they are relatively more stable than other kinds of beds. Since platform beds are flat and they are closer to the ground, it is safe for people who like to turn and toss around a lot while sleeping.

It is a sturdy bed fit for individuals with a heavy weight as well. They can be a great option for short people as well since the height of platform beds are low. They are sturdy, stable, and keep you safe and secure from falling heavy on the ground. This is a bed that is suitable for all kinds of individuals.

Along with being highly functional, platform beds are also stylish due to which their popularity has grown in the modern age. They come with a contemporary and chic design that has managed to catch the eye of the majority of the modern generation. Since they are low on the ground, they don’t require bedskirts due to which they make the room look cleaner. They are a cost effective investment as well and if you pair them up with memory foam mattresses, you are sure to get the best sleep of your life.

What is a platform bed frame

what is a platform bed

As mentioned above, platform beds have increased in popularity due to which many people want to know what is a platform bed frame and how they can benefit from the same.

  • Platform bed frames refer to beds that are generally lower in height and are sturdier than other bed types. It comes with a solid surface and it is well suited for short people, heavy individuals, and people who move a lot while sleeping.
  • Platform beds are one of the oldest kinds of beds invented by humans but it has grown hugely popular in the modern days due to its stability, support, and style.

What is a platform bed skirt

Bed skirts are highly functional pieces of drapery which is used to conceal and cover your bed’s underside. Since they resemble a woman’s skirt, they are called bedskirts. Here are some details of what is a platform bed skirt.

  • Since platform beds are closer to the ground and have an ergonomic design, they do not require bedskirts per say but if you want to add bedskirts to your bed, you should know that they come in various colors and sizes.
  • Platform bed skirts allow you to cover the bottom portion of your bed to make your room appear neater and to hide the unsightly portion of the bed.

What is a solid platform bed

If you want to learn what is a solid platform bed then here is some insight into the same.

  • As the name suggests, solid platform bed refers to the bed that has a flat and solid surface. You can place your mattress upon this surface for added comfort.
  • They are closer to the ground for safety and security of the user. They have a contemporary and modern look due to which they are preferred more in the market.

What is a low platform bed

What Is A Platform Bed

Here are some details of what is a low platform bed.

  • A normal platform bed is a bit higher than the ground while a low platform bed has a low height making it closer to the ground.
  • This bed is good for users who are highly fugitive and move a lot during their sleep as it keeps them safe and secure and even if they fall, they won’t fall hard.

Platform beds are an intelligent investment in the modern age given that they come with various functions and they are visually appealing as well. They are close to the ground which makes them extremely safe and secure for all kinds of individuals. They additionally have a storage space due to which they are highly cost effective. Moreover, they do not need bedskirts and they provide a neat look to your bedroom. They go great with memory foam mattresses and you can get a good quality sleep. Since they come in various designs, they are sure to elevate and enhance the look of your bedroom in an instant.


1. What is a floating platform bed?

Floating platform beds are a low profile bed which is very close to the ground due to which they tend to provide a sense of illusion like they are floating off the ground. This makes the floating platform bed visually appealing and it tends to add a contemporary and modern essence to the bedroom. They also make the room look more spacious and provide a solid surface for the mattress.

2. What is a twin platform bed? 

A twin platform bed is smaller in size than a regular platform bed due to which they are a great choice for your kid’s room or your guest room. They also have a storage space making it highly functional and a bed that can be used for multiple purposes. Since they are small in size, they are easy to set up and easy to maintain as well.

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