How to Wash Decorative Pillows?

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how to wash decorative pillows

We all search for the best things for our homes, couches and pillows being no exception. Purchasing beautiful and decorative pillows for your couches or lounge chairs is an unquestionable requirement since that is the place where the visitors will be seated. But, how to wash decorative pillows and appropriately keep up the tidiness and the appearance of these enlivening cushions? Is it okay to wash decorative pillows? Questions like these are answered in this article.

Decorative pillows or as they are called ‘throw pillows’ nowadays, are a fundamental product for your family rooms and furthermore your bedrooms. They upgrade the general look of your couch and your bed. Throw pillows additionally help in the general look upgrade of the room they’re kept in. Since these cushions are utilized regularly, they get dusty and grimy easily and thus need to be cleaned and washed. Here, we talk about the customs of cushion washing.

Is it okay to wash decorative pillows?

how to wash decorative pillows

It is perfectly fine to wash a decorative pillow. However, what matters is how you wash or clean it. The first aspect that should be looked at is if the pillow has a cover on top of it or not. If yes, the cover must be washed once in two to four weeks and if there is no cover then the pillow must be washed at least once a month. The washing instructions of these decorative pillows must be followed at all times. While some pillows can be washed in a machine, few require hand-washing and the others can be put in dry cleaning.

How do you wash pillows without ruining them?

how to wash decorative pillows

As said earlier, the instruction label on the pillows must be thoroughly read and all the instructions must be properly followed to ensure the safety of the pillows while washing them. While most pillows can be washed in a washing machine with warm water in a gentle cycle, some require extra care. Decorative pillows are also dry-cleaned as dry cleaning has fewer adverse effects on the fabric.

Decorative pillows need proper care from time to time. The moisture, sweat, and excessive use might make them look very dull and dusty. They should be regularly washed and cleaned to maintain hygiene. Pillows are often damaged after washing, this happens because the proper instructions are not followed while washing.

These pillows must be washed by following all the instructions given by the manufacturer. Some might just need a hand-wash or dry cleaning. Various safe methods like dry cleaning itself and light sponge cleaning do wonders in cleaning these pillows. Thus, the type of pillow and the fabric that is used to stuff the pillow determines its washing method and respective precautions.


  1. How do you reshape pillows after washing?

It happens very often that pillows lose their shape after a wash. To get them back in shape a few methods can be followed.

  1. Manually fluff them. Hit, punch and kick them so that their inner material gets back in shape.
  2. Put them in the dryer with one or two tennis balls. The balls will do the fluffing for you and the shape can be regained.
  3. Let the pillows dry out in the sun as the bacteria get killed and all moisture also evaporates.
  4. Place the pillow in one to two inches smaller pillowcase for some time.
  1. How to wash decorative pillows in the washing machine? 

Decorative pillows must be washed very cautiously in a washing machine. Warm water should be used to wash them and the gentle/ delicate cycle mode must be chosen. A mild detergent must be put in. After washing, the pillows must be hung in a well-ventilated place to dry out. If needed, they can then be put in a dryer with a ball or two to reshape the pillows.

  1. How to wash decorative pillows without a removable cover?

To begin with, get rid of all the fur, hair, or dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This makes the cleaning process easier. Now, to check if the pillow fabric reacts harshly to detergent, do a spot test. Pillows without removable covers should preferably be hand washed using warm water and a mild detergent. The pillow can then be deodorized and sanitized using a steam cleaner.

  1. How to wash decorative pillows by hand?

Experts say decorative pillows and pillows with non-removable covers should be hand-washed. This is because a machine wash might damage the designs and the pillow might lose its shape. However, hand-washing should be done carefully, following all the product instructions. The most important instructions being the usage of warm water and a mild detergent.

  1. How to wash throw pillows in the top-loading washer? 

The pillow cover should be removed at first and only then the pillow must be put in for a wash. The basic machine setting must be high spin and use of warm water. Apply a spray cleaner at the dirty spots and then put it for the wash. After the washing is complete, let it dry in the dryer by putting two tennis balls to help it retain shape.

  1. How to dry clean throw pillows at home?

If the washing instruction label on your pillow indicates that it can only be dry cleaned, then follow these easy steps. First, take a sponge and dip it in a mild dry-cleaning solution for the fabric your pillow is made up of. You can then take the sponge and clean the pillow in a circular pattern as it is more effective. After this, blot the pillow using a towel or cloth so that the moisture is soaked up.

  1. How to wash decorative throw pillows?

The decorative pillows can be washed using many methods. They can be machine washed, hand-washed, and also dry cleaned. It all depends on the washing instructions given with the pillow. All of the methods are mentioned above.

  1. How often to wash decorative pillows?

The decorative or throw pillows must be washed at least once a month and the pillow covers shall be washed once in two to three weeks.

  1. How to clean decorative sofa pillows?

The procedure for washing decorative sofa pillows remains the same as that of throw pillows. Depending on the fabric and washing instructions, they can be machine-washed, hand-washed, or dry-cleaned.

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