How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery?

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how to sleep after cervical neck surgery

Sleeping after a neck injury can be a challenging task. Here’s when you need to know how to sleep after cervical neck surgery to avoid strain and stress on your neck, back and shoulders. 

Getting a good night sleep is crucial to healing your body, especially when you have met with neck surgery. After treatment, you need to take proper rest that involves picking up the correct sleeping position that put minimum stress on the affected area. When you sleep, you should use pillows for extra support to minimize discomfort and pain to recover from post-operative treatment. Here’s how you should rest.

How should I sleep after cervical neck surgery? 

Here are the steps you need to follow for proper sleeping positions. 

  • Sit at the side of the bed before getting into the bed. Sit halfway down and keep your back and neck straight. 
  • Using your elbow, bend your body and lower yourself on your side. 
  • Flip your body at one side or back through the elbow. Keep your spine and neck straight so these parts may not twist. 
  • To get out of the bed, roll your body to one side. For this, you may take help from your family members. 
  • Choose a perfect sleeping position as per the doctor’s recommendations. Use brace or collars if needed. 
  • Protect your spine and neck by sleeping on your back. Keep your neck, head and hips aligning your back for full support. 
  • If you find it difficult to sleep on your back, you must lie on your side. To prevent stress on the neck, avoid sleeping on your stomach. 
  • Place a pillow beneath your head for support. Make sure that the pillow is neither too high nor too flat and placed at a proper angle. 
  • Place a pillow under or between your legs for extra comfort. You can put the cushion under your legs if you’re sleeping on your back. On the other hand, place the pillow between your legs if you’re sleeping on your side. 

These steps are crucial when it comes to the solution of “How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery”

How to sleep after neck surgery? 

how to sleep after cervical neck surgery

Here’s how you can sleep after neck surgery. 

  • Get into the bed by sitting on its edge, keeping your feet attached to the ground.
  • Lower your body at the side of the bed using your elbow. It can help you to prevent further neck injuries. 
  • Lift your legs cautiously while rolling your body over your back or on edge. 
  • Follow the suggestions given by your surgeon for comfortable sleeping positions. 
  • Sleeping on your back is a good position after postoperative neck surgery. 
  • Keep your neck, spine and head straight while sleeping. 
  • Bend your legs and place flat feet on your bed when you’re lying on your back. It gives you more comfort and support while resting.
  • If you use a neck collar or brace, use a pillow below your head for extra support. You may even use a cushion beneath your legs. 
  • Keep your arms under your neck and head to prevent your shoulders from getting strained. 

How to sleep after cervical spine surgery? 

Here are the positions that you must acquire when you sleep after cervical spine surgery. 

  • Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is a great way to reduce the risk of postoperative complications and pain. While sleeping on your back, you need to place a pillow under your knees as this provides support to your cervical and thoracic region. Moreover, you can protect your cervical spine from extra damage through a cervical collar or an orthopaedic pillow to decrease movement. 

  • Sleeping on your stomach

If you sleep on your stomach, you must use pillows for support. Otherwise, your neck will be prone to damage. 

You need to take utmost care while gaining the knowledge of “How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery.” Consult the right doctor, sleep in right positions, and get the best pillow.

How to sleep after acdf surgery? 

After acdf surgery, the patients are recommended to sleep either on the side of the bed or place pillows between or under the legs and knees for more stability and support. 

Best way to sleep after cervical spine surgery

The best way to sleep after surgery requires you to add cushions under your head, back and knees when you lie straight. 

How to sleep after cervical fusion? 

After surgery, you can sleep on your side or the back by positioning pillows at the affected areas or using braces. 


1. How to sleep after cervical fusion surgery? 

You may sleep on your back, keeping your knees bent and placing a pillow under them. 

2. How to sleep after neck fusion surgery? 

You can rest on your back, stomach or side by keeping your spine straight and using cushions under the painful areas. 

3. How should you sleep after neck surgery? 

For a good sleep after surgery, you must use neck braces and pillows for support and suitable mattresses for comfort.

Hope you got all the information on “How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery.” Also, check out our blog on What Are The Different Types of Bed Frames? to know more.

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