How to Make a Reading Pillow: A Step-by-Step Guide

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how to make a reading pillow

Reading pillows look very organized and beautiful at the same time where a reader can use it for reading along with the comfort of a pillow. Reading pillows help in maintaining reading habits. If you want to know how to make a reading pillow then read on. These not only allow us to store books but also pens, bookmarks, and other required essentials you might need during reading.Reading pillows are easy to make. 

How To Make A Reading Pillow?

You need to make sure that you have bought a pillow from a store and you only need to make a pillow cover for it. Follow these steps: 

how to make a reading pillow

  • Make a pattern

Use a pillowcase that you already have for the measurement of your new pillow. The standard size of a pillow case is 22 inches by 32 inches, but you can adjust it according to your preferences. 

  • Cut the Fabric

After you have marked the pattern, cut the fabric according to it. 

  • Pin the Fabric

Pin the fabric so that it doesn’t move while sewing. 

  • Sew

Sew along the line of the pinned fabric. 

  • Make the opening hem

Fold the fabric down in 2-3 inches and pin along the line, do this for both panels. Sew along the pinned line for both panels. 

  • Pin the panels together

Pin the right sides of the panels together. Starting at a corner, pin them around the edges and leave the top part, where you left 2-3 inches, open. 

  • Sew around the panels

Start at one corner and sew along the edges and make sure to back stitch, both at the beginning and in the end. 

  • Your pillow case is ready

To make a reading pillow all you need to do is add a pocket in front of your pillow cover case and your book pillow will be ready. A pocket can be stitched on the front of the pillow case. 

How to make a reading pillow with arms?

how to make a reading pillow

Reading pillow with arms can be made by attaching an extra pillow to both sides of the central pillow. It will help in relaxing your arms and the pillow on your back will provide maximum comfort. 

How to make a reading pillow with handle?

A reading pillow with a handle on top is efficient to carry. All you need to do for this is to make sure you cut out fabric for the handle of the pillow. Measure and cut the handle. Now, stitch the handle on the pillow case. Then put the pillow inside the pillow case and your reading pillow with handle is ready. 

How to make a reading pillow with pocket?

A reading pillow is a triangle shaped pillow that tilts your head to support a reading position. The reading pillow can be made with a pocket too. You can sew a pocket on the pillow to keep your book. You need some fabric and sewing needle and thread. It’s easy to just follow the steps as shown above. 

How to make a reading book pillow?

To make a reading pillow with a pocket you have to make a pillowcase with a pocket. Firstly, you have to measure and cut the fabric. Make sure to cut two pieces of fabric, one for the pillow case and another one for the pocket. Attach the pocket to the pillow case and put the pillow case on the pillow. That’s how you make a reading book pillow. 

How to make a child’s reading pillow?

Children are imaginative and curious about the world. Reading is a good habit that helps them understand things. To make a child’s reading pillow, you need to make sure that you use colorful and printed fabric. 

The fabric can be sewn in a normal pillow case but a pocket should be added in front of the pillow case. The pocket should be the size of 3/4th of the pillow. After stitching the pillow cover with a pocket, your child’s reading pillow is ready. 

How to make a bed reading pillow?

To make a bed reading pillow, you need a pillow and a pillow cover and fabric to add a pocket in the front of a pillowcase. After you have cut the pocket of the pillow cover which holds the books and other reading essentials, you have to sew the pocket in the pillowcase. Simply put the pocket attached pillow case on the pillow and your bed reading pillow is ready. 


1. How to make a wedge reading pillow?

Wedge pillows are triangle shaped pillows that raise the top half of your body. Wedge reading pillows are pillows that help you feel relaxed while you are reading. A wedge pillow is just like a normal pillow but it’s bigger. Wedge reading pillows can be made by adding a pocket on the pillow cover in which you can put your book. 

2. How to make a reading cushion?

A reading cushion is a small sized pillow used specially for reading. A reading cushion pillow can be made with a normal pillow. All you have to do is add a big pocket in front of your pillow case. You can stitch the pocket in front of the pillow case and your reading cushion is ready. 

3.How to make an embroidered reading pillow?

To make an embroidered reading pillow, you need to put your desired embroidery designs on the fabric before stitching the fabric. This will ensure that you sew the reading pillow seamlessly. The process for making an embroidered reading pillow is the same as a normal reading pillow. 

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