How To Keep The Mattress From Sliding?

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How To Keep Mattress From Sliding

So you purchased a new mattress and are happy with it. However, it keeps sliding and that causes you a lot of inconveniences. You want to try something but because of the many solutions online, you are confused and don’t know where to start. In this article, we will speak about how to keep the mattress from sliding in a way that is effective and doesn’t damage your mattress in any way.

Buying a mattress is not as easy as it seems. You have to consider many things before you purchase a mattress for yourself. Out of the many things, size, shape, type of foam, and brand are the few things that would require your attention. At the end of the day purchasing a mattress is as tiring as purchasing anything for your home.

How To Keep The Mattress From Sliding

After you purchase the best mattress for yourself after considering everything, there is one thing that you can expect: comfort. However, the mattress you purchased just keeps slipping and doesn’t want to stay in place. Not only does this cause a lot of discomforts, but can also lead to safety hazards and should be dealt with immediately.

Given below are the most common scenarios where your mattress slips and absolutely refuses to stay in place. We have tried to provide a feasible solution to all these problems in a systematic manner. No matter what your mattress problem be, you will most definitely find a solution to your problem here.

Let’s get started. We have tried to answer all of your queries in the form of a question and answer format. You may choose to skip to the part that you find useful for your situation.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding on the floor?


One of the best ways is to place the mattress against a wall. This will provide your mattress with optimum support and prevent it from sliding away from its place. However, if you don’t prefer to place your mattress that way, you may choose to place your mattress elsewhere without any support.

However, if you decide to do so, you may want to place a non-slip pad under your mattress for it to not slip. These non-slip pads are easily available at affordable rates at all reputed online stores and offline mattress stores as well.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding off the frame?


One of the many effective ways to keep your mattress in place is Velcro strips. Velcro strips have adhesive on both sides. One side sticks to the floor while the other side keeps the mattress in place. Some Velcro strips come with strong adhesives that make sure that even the heaviest and the bulkiest mattress stay in place. If you want to keep your mattress from sliding off the frame then you should most definitely consider investing in Velcro strips.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding down?

Another effective way to keep your mattress from sliding down is carpet tape. Carpet tape as the name suggests is usually used to keep rugs and carpets in place. However, sometimes carpet tape is very effective for mattresses. Since carpet tape is not really meant for bigger mattresses, it will work best for you if you have a lighter and smaller mattress.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding on an adjustable base?


The best thing about an adjustable base is that even if you don’t have a well-fitting mattress, you can adjust the base in a way that the mattress is optimally placed on the base. However, sometimes even with the best adjustments, the mattress slips.

In such situations, the best solution is to purchase a new mattress that can easily fit in the adjustable base. According to many people who have faced the same problem, non-slip pads are a great way to keep your mattress in place. if you are unwilling to purchase a new mattress for yourself, then make sure that you give non-slip pads a try.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding on a metal frame?

If your mattress slides off your metal frame, then consider investing inside rails. If you are someone who likes constructing things then you may want to look through some crafty DIY slide rails on the internet. There are also elastic bands that are very useful in keeping your mattress in place. Just place them on the topper of your mattress and you will see that your mattress doesn’t slide anymore. However, some mattress experts recommend not using elastic bands as they may damage your mattress sometimes.

  • How to keep a mattress from sliding off the box spring?

how to keep the mattress from sliding

One of the most recommended ways to keep your mattress in place is deep cleaning your mattress. This may be achieved by vacuuming your mattress deeply on both sides. Over the years dust and other impurities accumulate on the base of the mattress making the foundation very dirty. This is a great contributing factor in your mattress slipping from your box spring. Since you cannot install side railings in box springs, vacuuming your mattress may be a great option for you.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding on the bed skirt?

When it comes to bed skirts, it may be said that nonslip grip pads are the most efficient. Usually, these grip pads are very useful when it comes to rugs and carpets. However, many times these also come in very handy when it comes to keeping your mattresses in place on a bed skirt. Simply cut a grip pad and place it on the four extreme corners of your mattress and place it on your bed skirt as you normally would. You would get to see that your mattress stays in place more than it used to without the grip pads.

  • How to stop the bed from sliding DIY?

how to keep the mattress from sliding

DIYs are sometimes the best ways to solve some small problems without having to spend a fortune on the same. You may have spent a fortune on trying to stop your bed from sliding and yet nothing may seem to work for you. This is where a wide range of DIYs come to use.

One of the best days to keep your mattress in place is to place a rug in between your bed frame/floor and the mattress. One of the main reasons why the mattress slips are due to the lack of traction. Placing a rug under your mattress will provide your mattress with the traction it requires. It is better if you used a light, textured rug that won’t make your mattress uncomfortable. If you have a yoga mat, then that may also work to keep your mattress in place.

  • How to keep the mattress from sliding on the metal frame?

If vacuuming, grip pads, and rugs don’t work, then there may be some other ways using which you could keep your mattress in place. You could do so by keeping a wooden plank or a rolled-up towel in order for your mattress to stay in place and not slip. You do not have to worry about these adjustments compromising on how your bed looks.

A good bed cover will cover up all these adjustments and your bed will look just the way it looked without those adjustments. If nothing works then consider purchasing a new mattress after having an expert take the measurements. If your bed is old and doesn’t want to hold any mattress in place, then it may be time to purchase a new bed.

  • How to keep pillows from sliding between mattress and headboard?


Another problem that you may face when making your bed is that there may be a gap between the headboard and the mattress. This may result in the pillows going into this gap. Not only does this ruin the aesthetic of your bed but is also very uncomfortable when you sleep.

If you continue sleeping in discomfort, this may result in a sequence of postural problems in the long run. It is always best to fill this gap with something so that you do not have to face any discomfort. In order to fill this gap, you may purchase some mattress extenders which you can fill in this gap with. If you cannot access mattress extenders, a set of soft rolled up towels shall also do the trick. If you have some spare sponge pieces, you may insert these as well.

  • How to keep a mattress from sliding on a platform bed?

In order to keep your mattress in place on a platform bed, you have to choose the correct base, if you have chosen the correct base and your mattress still manages to slip, then you may consider getting mattress straps. A few people are of the opinion that mattress straps cause dents in your mattress. However, high-quality ones will make sure that they don’t cause any damage to your mattress. You may also use anti-slip pads as a cheap and efficient way to keep your mattress in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I use to keep my mattress from sliding?

In the article, we have discussed many ways to how to keep the mattress from sliding? However, there are a few ways that are very effective indeed. Here are some things about how to keep the mattress from sliding?

  • Try placing a very tight-fitting bed sheet on the mattress. This will help immensely in keeping the mattress in place.
  • Use straps or suspenders. These are easily available in the market and are very effective in keeping your mattress in place.
  • Duct tape or spray adhesive may prove to be very effective in some cases but it is not a permanent solution to your problem.

These are a few of the most recommended ways, how to keep the mattress from sliding?

  1.  How do I keep my memory foam mattress from sliding?

Usually, before you purchase a mattress, the first and foremost thing that you should consider is the size of your bed. If you are unable to rightly measure the size of your bed then this may lead to a badly fitting mattress. However, if your mattress continues to slide even after all considerations, then you have to try other ways by yourself. One of the ways in which you can keep your mattress from slipping is to insert a small thin towel between the bed frame and the mattress. This does not seem like much but it surely does the trick most times.

  1. How do I keep my futon mattress from sliding down?

When it comes to futon mattresses, you can purchase a futon slip stopper pad. As the name suggests this stopper pad stops your mattress from slipping. Just place the stopper pad in between the futon frame and the futon mattress and you are good to go. This pad comes in a lot of shapes and sizes and easily fits bed frames of all sizes. However, do remember to measure your bed frame before you purchase any mattress or any accessory for your bed.

  1. How do I keep my adjustable bed from sliding down?

Adjustable beds are usually a very good purchase because they can be easily adjusted as per will without any problem. However, purchasing a mattress that fits perfectly with your adjustable bed is pretty difficult. If you find one that fits perfectly, then you are indeed lucky. However, if you are like most of us, you might end up purchasing a mattress that doesn’t fit well with your adjustable bed and no matter how well you adjust, the mattress still manages to slip. In the given circumstances, the best way to prevent this from happening is to place a non-slip rubber bag beneath your mattress. If you cannot access one then you may also use a yoga mat for the same.

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