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different types of bed frames

Before buying a bed for your newly built house, it is crucial to know the different types of bed frames so you can choose suitable bedding that matches your room’s vibes. You’ll be happy to know that there are numerous types of bed frames where you can find your correct bedding frame to install in your room. They are available in different sizes that range from the smallest, twin to king and queen size beds. 

There are so many Different Types of Bed Frames. Each size is carved with specific motives and purposes in mind concerning kiddos to single adults and couples. Plus, they have different designs that determine their framing. The frames come with dramatic feels to the standard frame having canopy models. Regardless of design and size, they possess different tones, textures and vibes of the frame layouts. They are made from various materials including, wood, metal or rattan. 

What are the different types of bed frame styles? 

Different Types of Bed Frames

Bedding styles determine the overall theme and look of the bed. Irrespective of design or size, the styling of the bed will influence the tone, texture and feel of the beds. The styles are listed as. 

  • Contemporary

Contemporary style includes adding modern frames made from classy materials and shapes that give the vibes of attachment to the present time. 

  • Traditional

Traditional furniture and bedding style echoes the vibes of ancient touches and has connected with us for centuries.  

  • Modern

Modern style includes contemporary beds and furniture that possess the latest designs and are made from modern materials that provide a modern twist in the beds and gives the latest look to the bedroom. 


  • Mission

Mission bedding style emphasizes simple vertical and horizontal lines and flat panels made from wood. 

  • Cottage

The beds have lavish and large headboards. There have painted decorations and carved designs. 

  • Country

Country bedding styles have rich textures and traditional carvings with an American outlook. 

  • Vintage

Vintage style possesses an idea of ancient throwback that connects people to the olden times. 

  • Costal

They are wooden beds that give a summer look to your bedroom and provides a sense of connecting with nature. 

  • Industrial

The beds include industrial style. And their inspiration is factories and areas of production. 

  • Rustic

The style gives a sense of the unsophisticated, old fashioned and ancient look. 

  • Scandinavian 

The style possesses simplicity, functionality and minimalism in their beds. They are available in different shapes and sizes but lacks aesthetic feels and flourishes. 

  • Mid-century

Mid-century beds give you the vibes of the 1950s or ’60s. They have streamlined headboards and wooden legs covered with tapes. They are comfortable to use and gives a traditional and modern look to your bedroom. 

What are the different types of metal bed frames?

The different types of metal bed frames are as follows. 

  • Slatted platform bed

These beds have a base that contains horizontal solid frames and raised levels carved out from different metals especially, with stainless steel to provide strength to the bed. Moreover, it also provides ventilation and support for the mattress by discarding the requirement of another mattress or box spring for an additional foundation. 

  • Standard metal bed frame 

A standard metal bed frame has a simple framing layout on which the mattress and spring box will place effortlessly. 

  • Adjustable bed frame 

If you love reading books or watching TV, then you have been probably looking for a bedding frame that can adjust different levels of positions. These frames can help you to change bedding positions to prevent bedsores. 

  • Solid platform foundation

Solid platform foundations possess metal frames that give strength and durability to the beds

What are the different types of wood bed frames?

The different types of wooden bed frames are as follows. 

  • Folded wooden beds

These beds have wooden and hinged frames that allow the bedding to fold and create extra space. The beds are often used in guest bedrooms or places where the beds don’t come in use constantly. Some beds fold on a wheely frame to put clothes or other storage material in the additional space. 

  • Panel

Panel beds possess footboards and headboards made of flat panels from wood. These panels have raised moulding frames or grooves that give a sense of formal wood wainscoting or panelling. A footboard and headboard connect through wooden rails to support the structure. And both of them have wood-stained finishes. 

This is the one the well known type when it comes to Different Types of Bed Frames. 

What are the different types of queen bed frames? 

Queen beds are available in different sizes in which 60”*80” is the most common type of queen-sized bedding frames. They are ideal for singles and couples. 

What are the different types of single bed frames? 

Single bed frames are available in two sizes- The king and queen sizes. 

Types of bed frame materials

There are different types of bedding materials that include-

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Rattan/Wicker
  • Pallet bed

One you should also learn how to put a bed frame together.


1. Can you recycle bed frames? 

You can recycle the metal bed frames to some extent excluding, the wooden frames. 

2. Can you repair the bed frames? 

It depends on the amount and position of the damage. You may repair the metal frames but not wooden frames. 

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