Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket?

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Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket

Are you a new mother? Well, congratulations, welcome to motherhood! This article contains all the information about Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket.

Motherhood is not just a mere phenomenon that one plans, but something that surfaces beyond just bearing child. From the moment a child takes birth, immense amount of factors need to be taken care of; from feeding to dressing, to usage of the proper baby products, sleeping furniture, playing equipment’s, toys etc.

Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket


Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket?

However while extra care needs to be taken in every aspect, since an infant is always exposed to all kind of dangers, more than extra attention must be given to a child’s night sleep.

One obvious question arises whether to put blanket on a baby while lying asleep, or not? There are a lot of problems and advantages as well for the baby to sleep with a blanket. However one must read the full article to make a wiser choice.

You may not, if your baby is less than a year old

Can the Baby Sleep In the Crib Without A Blanket


  • Right, a child’s crib bedding is a necessity. It’s not only a one time use, but a cot where a baby can be laid down for hours on end. Crib bedding again comes with a lot of varieties, designs, and the material used. While some cribs are made of iron, others are available in wooden material. Different colors also makes it more attractive for a child.
  • But it is suggested that if a baby is less than a year or few months old, one shouldn’t use any baby blanket. There’s the chance of the little one to wrap itself up in a tangled manner and may suffer breathing problems and that can lead to deadly consequences. It is always not possible for someone to check 24 hours over a baby in his or her sleep, however since a baby’s movement is pretty involuntary, it might cause few accidents.
  • Another factor to consider is, infants have the tendency to put anything and everything inside their mouth, so this might also be a reason of grave concern in the usage of blankets.

There are however ways to keep the room temperature intact and keeping your baby warm.

You may, if your baby is a year old

  • In this case one can obviously go for a baby crib. The crib bedding will also require proper crib sheets in order to protect it from the continuous wetness. One can always choose the softer material crib sheets to make a goodnight sleep for the little one. Babies always love it soft to jump in, turn, twist and move all the way swiftly.
  • Also now is the right time to choose a soft baby blanket, as your baby is year old to be able to not wrap him or herself up inside a blanket. Baby blanket also comes in hood style, to exactly have the measured body covered up. This always reduces the chances of anything extra getting itself wrapped with the child.

Here it is, now you know when or whether can the Baby Sleep in the Crib without a Blanket? Follow these for a safe good night sleep of the baby inside a comfy baby crib. Goodnight mummy and baby!

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