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best wool blanket

Everyone likes the winter season. It is cold and, you can sip your hot chocolate while snuggling in the bed or your armchair. Having the best wool blanket in that season is of utmost importance. Moreover, in countries where there is cold throughout the year, having the best wool blanket for bed becomes a necessity. If you are thinking about buying one, then you are reading the right stuff. This is a special buying guide for you where you will find the review of the blanket.

Sometimes, we buy a blanket without comparing it or reviewing it. The next thing that happens is it turns like a sack after the first wash. The warmth of the blanket is lost and it becomes of no use. Therefore, it is important to look for some factors before buying a blanket. The best wool blanket is not that cheap. It will cost you a good amount of money.

If you are spending that much then you must check out everything before buying. To make your job a little easy these factors mentioned below will help you to choose the best wool blanket for your bed.

Best wool blanket Buying guide

Factors to look for when buying the best wool blanket

  • Material: Blankets are all about the material used in them. It is foremost that you check the material that has been used to make one. The material will affect the thickness of the blanket. Some of the best wool blankets made in usa are worth giving a try because they have the best material. Talking about the material, you have two different styles of material:
  1. Synthetic: It is an alternative for wool. Synthetic material is lightweight and gives the same warmth as natural wool ones. The best wool blankets made in usa are synthetic. They are cheaper too.
  2. Wool: It is the best material and natural too. The best wool blankets for camping is made from wool. They are warm and offer the perfect amount of comfort without being bushy.
  • Chemical smell: Sometimes the wool is exposed to certain chemicals and it tends to smell. So, it is important to look for the smell and odor of the blanket. The best wool blankets for camping tends to be warm and made without any chemicals.
  • Price: Naturally made wool fiber is very expensive. People that want a blanket for the long run should invest a good amount of money in buying the best wool blanket for bush craft. Getting a cheaper one is suitable only if you are going to change infrequently.
  • Color and texture: Wool blankets come in different colors and textures. You must choose them either based on your room colors or any color depending on your choice. 

The best wool blanket Product review

  1. Alpaca and Sheep wool blanket: The best wool blanket for bushcraft

best wool blanket


Size- Queen

Brand- Desert Breeze Distributing

Color- Tan and brown

Fabric type- Wool

Pattern- Strip


As the blanket is made of 100% virgin wool it is the best wool cashmere blanket that you can have. It has received amazing reviews on making it really good in performance.


Even though the cost of the blanket is a bit high but is the best wool blankets for survival as it is made out of natural wool. It is of perfect size as compares to other brands at a similar price.


The blanket is perfect for extreme winters and therefore it is the best wool blankets for survival. It is of perfect use in countries having winters at max level.


  • 100% natural wool.
  • Beautifully stripped and colors.
  • Spun woven.
  • Natural and earthy smell.


  • The cost is a little high.
  • Some people find the natural small stinky.
  • Heavy and bulky

What’s new?

Since the material is natural, it is made from sheep that were raised in the Andes mountains. The color and the pattern of the blanket are very beautiful and it is totally eco-friendly.

Why should you buy it?

If you like natural wool blankets with amazing patterns and affordable rates then this blanket is made just for you.

best wool blanket


1. Are wool blankets worth it?

Yes, if you are buying the Alpaca and Sheep wool blanket from the brand named Desert Breeze Distributing then the wool blankets are definitely worth it. The blanket is completely natural and easy to wash. It will keep you warm and relaxed. The material and the exterior both are beautiful. They are made from a special kind of wool for which the sheep are raised in The Andes. If you want to buy the best wool blanket, then you should consider it.

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