Best Split King Sheets for Comfort & Quality [Updated 2023]

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best split king sheets

As you know, bed sheets are extremely important if you want to have a good night’s sleep. And if you want autonomy over sheets, you should choose the best split king sheets.

Royal Hotel Bedding ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets

Split King Size Sheet Set- 7 piece set

Manufactured by CGK Unlimited
Premium 100% Brushed Fabric
Machine washable
Includes one sleek covering, 2 fitted coverings and 4 pillowcases
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Royal Hotel Bedding ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets

Royal Hotel Bedding ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets

Manufactured by Royal Hotel Bedding
Cool Bamboo fabric, not slippery
600 thread count
No batteries are required
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In this article, the best split top king sheets are discussed in detail which is going to help you to decide which one is best suited for your bed.

Best split king sheets-Buying guide  

Factors to look for in the best split king sheets

There are various factors that you should know about before purchasing your own top king bed sheet set split. Some split sheets are not even separated, so read closely.

  • Things that should come with: An ideal and the best split king sheets should come with two XL twin sheets, a flat sheet sized for a king-size bed, and a few pillows which are also king-size.
  • Weight: The best split king fitted sheet should be very lightweight and breathable.
  • Material: The material of the top king bottom sheet should be thermos-regulatory.

Best split king sheets reviews

  1. Split King Size Sheet Set- 7 piece set

best split king sheets



Available in different colours: light pink, navy blue, light grey, beige, black, brown, burgundy, coral, cream, denim blue, grey, lavender, light blue, purple, green etc.

Split-king size.

Dimension: 11.22×9.8×5.24 inches.

Weight: 4.88 pounds.


  • Flat sheet: 108″×102″.
  • Two fitted sheets: 39″×80″, up to 16″ for a mattress.
  • Four pillowcases: 20″×40″.

Material: cotton

Pattern: Solid.


Very soft and comfortable and easy to sleep in. Good for people who want some cool and the best split king fitted sheet.


Buttery smooth.

Fit for California King bed, unlike the most. One of the best split california king sheets.

Available as the best-split king Egyptian cotton sheets.


Easy usage. Very cool under the touch.


  • Does not lose colour after repeated wash.
  • Do not shrink even if they are used regularly.
  • Do not wrinkle.
  • Resistant to stains.


  • Some have received faulty products.
  • Are reviewed that the customer service has replaced products

What’s new

The stain resistance has improved a lot than the previous one.

Why you should buy it

You should buy it because it is one of the best split king Egyptian cotton sheets.

They are incredibly soft and cool under the touch and fits most of the mattresses.

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  1. Royal Hotel Bedding ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets

Best Split King Sheets


Available in different colours- sea, white, ivory, sage, taupe, teal, grey, aqua, canvas.

Split- King size with 2-fitted style.

Dimension: 14×10×3 inches.

Weight: 10.19 pounds.


  • Flat sheet: 110×102″.
  • Two fitted sheets: 39×80″, up to 18″ for a mattress.
  • Two king pillowcases: 20×40″.

Bamboo Viscose material.

People themed.


Very comfortable to sleep in, breathable material provides much softness, definitely one of the best bamboo sheets for split king adjustable bed.


Very silky and soft.

More durable if cared for properly.

600 thread count, more than others.


Very easy usage. Safe for people with allergies and chemical sensitiveness.


  • Softer even than cotton, like cashmere.
  • It has one of the Best split king sheets reviews.


  • Some people have said that the sheets have shrunk over time.

What’s new

The colour range has been expanded in this set of the top split king bed sheets split.

The colours have a gorgeous sheen to them and look very rich.

Why you should buy it

In this price range, this is one of the best split top king sheets you can get your hands on.

They are very smooth and cool and comfortable on your skin.

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1. What kind of sheets do you use on a split king?

You should use only the best split california king sheets. They should be smooth, cool and silky soft to touch, like the ones mentioned above.

2. Who makes the best split king sheets?

The Royal Hotel Bedding makes one of the best split top king sheets. You can easily go for them.

You can also check out the best tencel sheets for your mattress.

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