The Best Pillow Protector to Keep Your Pillow Fresh and Clean

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Spent a lot of time and money while choosing the material of your pillow to ensure satisfaction? But ever thought about how you would ensure the lifespan of your pillow? Along with the pillow and pillowcase, what matters more is buying the best pillow protector to minimize spoiling, allergens, staining etc.

Best pillow protector-Buying guide

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Pillow Protector

  1. Material: Among a variety of fabrics, choose as per the softness and cooling required.
  2. Waterproofing: Check for waterproofing breathable membranes and protection from bodily fluids, noisy clunkiness, mucus etc. 
  3. Allergen Protection: Choose the best pillow protector for allergies with hypoallergenic pillow protectors.
  4. Pillow Size: Before buying the pillow protector, track the size of your pillow for a perfect fit.
  5. Cost: Choose as per affordability.
  6. Warranty: Brands provide a warranty scheme on certain manufacturing defects, buy the one that protects your investment. 

Best Pillow Protector Reviews

best pillow protector


The Everlasting Comfort is the best protector of pillow that comes in handy with a lifetime warranty and impeccable quality, along with the absolute comfort that it provides. It has a soft-smooth cotton terry shell adding an extra layer of protection( can be called best pillow protector for dust mites) and is further completely waterproof, thus making it the best pillow protector for bed bugs as well.


Material: Terry cloth cotton shell, polyurethane interior

Available sizes: Standard, queen, king


These are the best pillow protectors for feather pillows as the material is completely noiseless without any crinkling plastic sounds, also preventing overheating which other feather pillows might cause.


Easy to use and wash and maintain, can be zipped up and washed in the washing machine for easy maintenance.


  • Lifetime warranty and Affordable
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic features
  • Made of soft terry cotton shell
  • Includes two sets
  • Completely noiseless and breathable
  • Ultra-quiet polyurethane interior


  • The sizes might be off the size as per your pillow’s dimensions.
  • Might be difficult to adjust at first.

What’s New?

One of the best protectors of pillow for allergies because it includes an impenetrable but breathable interior giving it an ultra-soft texture and hypoallergenic features as it prevents allergens from accumulating. 

Why should you buy it? 

If you want the best protector of pillow for you which will serve multiple purposes, from best pillow protectors for sweat to best protector of pillow for allergies to best pillow protector for cooling pillows etc., buy this completely waterproof, set of 2 pillow protectors for you and your partner at a great deal.

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1. How often should one wash a pillow protector?

Answer: Frequent washes are recommended, at least 4 times a year.

2. Which is the best pillow protector for cooling pillows?

Answer: PillowsAllerEase Temperature Balancing Pillow Protector.

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