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With old-age, different problems follow. It becomes different to go to the toilets. So bedside commodes are helpful in these cases. In the market, there are different types of bedside commodes available such as best bedside commode for the elderly, best bedside commode for man, best bedside commode chair,etc. So that the customers can buy according to their needs.

Best bedside commode buying guide

Factors to consider

  • Weight withstanding capacity. It is crucial because this will determine the longevity of the commode.
  • Maintenance of the commode. It is always better to go for the product that requires less maintenance.
  • Features defining the need of the users. It should be noted that the commode should be comfortable and suitable for the needs of the user.

Best bedside commode review

DMI Duro-med adjustable bedside commode chair for adults

best bedside commode


It is one of the best bedside commode available. It is shaped like a chair with hand and back support for the user to hold on to. It is suitable for anyone who needs help in getting up and down from the toilet seat, because of the steel handles available on the side. Convenient for easy disposal of the stool. The base of the commode is strong and well guarded to provide a slip-resistant base. Works fine for both bathroom frames as well as a bedside commode.


Material of the product- Steel( the bars ) plastic.

Dimensions of the product- 19.37 x 26.62 x 27 inches

Weight of the product- 15.22 pounds.

Withstanding limit- up to 500 pounds.


The product is durable and adjustable compared to the other commodes in this price range. The product is convenient to use both in the bathroom as well as a bedside commode.


The product is suitable for elderly people who need help in getting up and sitting down on the toilet.


  • Made of durable material
  • Adjustable in nature
  • Comfortable while using


  • Might not be long-lasting.

What’s new?

The product comes with plastic extensions in the legs, that prevent the commode from slipping away.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a multi-tasking commode then this is the product you should buy. You can use it as a bedside commode with the aluminum bowl or as a chair above the commode.

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How to put a bedside commode together?

It is quite easy. Most of the bedside commodes come in an assembled manner with a folding ability. The user just needs to choose the best placement for the bedside commodeIf someone needs the commode close, they may keep it close to themselves without folding. Otherwise, they can fold it and open it in a chair manner while using it.

How to use bedside commode?

The best way to use a bedside commodeis to put the commode near the person’s bed and put a container under the commode. When the person is done using the commode the container should be removed and the commode has to be folded and kept aside.

How much does a bedside commode cost?

The best prices for the bedside commodesvary from brand to brand. It is also dependent on the style of the commode. The more features the higher the cost. It is also dependent on the website or store of the purchase.


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